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I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I would really like to be a dog. Then I could play with You and communicate completely. We have a pretty good form of communication now, just because I love her, but it could be more complete if I was a dog too.
- Micky Dolenz - Monkee Spectacular, June 1968. (‘You’ was his dog’s name, for anyone who didn’t know). (via thank-your-lucky-stars)




//If social networks existed in the 60s part 2 (on account of the fact that I forgot to insert one of the images on the last post so I made up a bunch more as an excuse to post it)  
part 1 (x)

love it. But hate how peter is portrayed has having a total crush on Mike. I’d bet he’d be like ‘gross’. Micky on the other hand…

//the torksmith is just a sarcastic joke that I continued from the last post u.u I ship dolenzmith most